Better, Transparent public services for all

Modernizing public procurement, a $2T offline process, into a seamless, legally compliant one-click purchasing system

Our All-In-One Solution

AI driven Marketplace that match solutions with 1-click buy and a 100% legal compliance

Solving a slice of the city technology procurement problem by allowing local government to share their best solutions, discover other’ solutions and easily buy proven technology products and services.

Key Features


Precision Search at Your Fingertips
Experience the ease of our intuitive search feature leveraging GenAI, guaranteeing precise results for your queries, and leveraging proprietary LLM models.

Tailored Results for Your Needs
Customize your search experience by filtering results based on solutions, location, WMB status, date, or other parameters, ensuring information that aligns perfectly with your requirements.


Experience a new level of efficiency as our intuitive functionality eliminates unnecessary steps, ensuring a swift and seamless buying process and 100% legal compliance.


Effortless Selection Process
Streamline your selection process with our intuitive tools, making it easy to choose the best options tailored to your needs.

Bake-Offs Made Simple
Simplify the procurement bake-off experience with our support, providing the tools and assistance needed for a smooth and successful evaluation of products or services.

Procurement Support for Seamless Transactions
Receive comprehensive procurement support, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from selection to acquisition, empowering you to make confident decisions.


Enhancing Procurement Capacities
Elevate procurement practices for local governments and agencies through our targeted capacity-building programs, ensuring efficiency and excellence in the procurement process.

Tailored Support for Procurement Agencies
Receive specialized support designed for procurement agencies, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate complex procurement landscapes with confidence.

Building Procurement Resilience
Collaborate with us to fortify procurement capabilities, building a resilient foundation that enables local governments and agencies to procure goods and services effectively and strategically.


Promoting Equity in Procurement Practices
Embrace fairness and inclusivity in procurement through our specialized equity lens approach, ensuring that procurement processes are designed to provide equal opportunities for all suppliers and WMBs.

Tailoring Procurement Solutions for Inclusiveness
Customize your procurement strategies with our equity lens, enabling you to address diverse supplier needs and create solutions that foster inclusivity and fairness in the procurement process, and drive innovation by empowering local small businesses to serve your community.

It’s hard to procure tech & services for local government

Repetitive and Expensive

Technical RFPs end up sitting on shelves, with limited qualified vendors.

Stifling Regs

Legacy systems & services. legal structures exist but difficult to find the right one

Time Intensive

It takes too much time to get approvals that local government need.

Not Knowing

Technology and services are evolving at a rapid pace, and their is need for more agile type procurement,  which leverages external expertise.

4 - 24 Months

Average time to finalize procurement deals


Nearly half of agency RFPs run into significant issues


GDP is spent on Public Procurement


Of staff reported critical constraint without an e-procurement platform

Supported by our co-design process with agencies

Shrink the time frame, because that would be a win for suppliers. That would be a win for all of our procurement agents.

Chief Procurement Officer
Procurement Services

The biggest problem is finding a list of good vendors, that have been vetted.

County Chief Financial Officer
Procurement Services

We haven’t found a one size fits all, so to have that to where it all seamlessly fits together and potentially tie into your major ERPs would be ideal for anybody.

City Procurement Manager
Procurement Services

It would be very useful to be able to go out and get proposals from vendors that have cooperative contracts for the services or goods that we’re looking for.

Executive Director
Procurement Services

Our Mission

Civic Marketplace is a values-driven organization dedicated to enhancing public services through transparency, efficiency, and exceptional stakeholder engagement. We deeply believe in the nobility of public service and strive to advance the interests of our member governments and the communities they serve.

Our Guiding Principle

At Civic Marketplace, we consider ourselves public servants in the private sector, dedicated to upholding the values enshrined in the Athenian Oath:

"We will never bring disgrace on this our city by an act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the City both alone and with many. We will revere and obey the city's laws and will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect in those above us who are prone to annul them or set them at naught. We will strive unceasingly to quicken the public's sense of civic duty. Thus, in all these ways, we will transmit this city not only, not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us."

Join us in our mission to build a better future for our communities through transparent, efficient, and inclusive public services.

Exec Team

At Civic Marketplace, we blend profound knowledge and understanding of the public sector landscape with cutting-edge product and technology solutions.

Ron Holifield


Founder & CEO of Government Resources (largest municipal exec search firm in the USA). Director of Alliance for Innovation. City Manager x3

Al Hleileh

Co-Founder & CEO

Previously Head of Technology at Delivery Associates (acquired by Tirill Impact). Product Leader at Spring (acquired by Amaze) X2 Founder. Stanford MBA

Christel Tristan

Engagement Director

With a strong track record in government, Christel has worked with elected officials, engaged communities, and created meaningful customer experiences.

Melissa Valentine

Senior Director of Customer Success

Senior Director of Customer Success, Melissa enjoys engaging with clients to help strengthen local government organizations nationwide

Kip Harkness


Kip is currently Deputy City Manager for the City of San José guiding the execution of the City’s enterprise priorities of Emergency Management and Preparedness, and Smart Sustainable and Reliable City: 21st Century Infrastructure: Former Global Head & Director of Innovation @ Paypal. Harvard Lecturer on Civic Innovation.

Harry Hammond

Head of Design

Award winning Creative Lead for Government Agencies. Founder of Disruptive Social. Specialist low/no code UI/UX and Story Teller.

The Government Procurement Crisis You Haven’t Heard Of, And How We Can Fix It

We are transforming technology procurement for cities through a marketplace platform that match solutions with 1 click buy and a 100% legal compliance.